Our Themes

Children and Education

The Children and education theme covers research that examines the social and economic issues that determine educational, skills, well-being, and other outcomes for children as they reach adulthood and beyond.  This might include work that places children in the context of their family and household circumstances, so that interventions, services, and other interactions relating to children are seen in context of family and household circumstances rather than in isolation.

The World of Work

The World of Work Theme focusses on the labour market experience of those in, and out, of work.  Research that aims at providing a better understanding of the “gig economy” would be of particular interest as would work which aims to understand of the ‘productivity puzzle’; this might include work with data that links employers and their employees.

Growing Old

The Growing Old Theme examines the social and economic issues for individuals, and for society and the economy, as people transition through the period leading up to and beyond the state pension age.

Health and Wellbeing

This theme focuses on health and well-being across the life-course as an outcome of or a predictor of other socioeconomic states and trajectories. Research that considers either mental or physical health, or the relationship between them, will be in scope.

Methodological Challenges and Innovations

In this theme we are interested in research utilising or developing cutting edge methodology including quasi experimental design approaches, regression discontinuity, sibling studies, and instrumental variables.

Engagement and Co-Design

This theme covers research with methodologies using models of co-production: integrated multi stakeholder research teams with academia or government, members of the public and/or VCSE representatives. Projects or research which address gaps in knowledge regarding public/ VCSE views practice having impact via targeted policy or via practice development with publics/stakeholders and the VCSE community.

The International Journal for Population Data Science (IJPDS) will be publishing the abstracts from the conference in a special issue.